Antique Furniture Restoration Surrey


There is a great selection of antique stores in Surrey but if you have an interest in furniture and in particular desks, we are more than happy to meet your needs. At The Dorking Desk Shop, we have been providing antique desks for more than 40 years and we feel privileged to have operated in this area for so long.

We are continually on the look-out for desks and tables of all ages and conditions. We have regular buyers who are always looking for our latest stock but we are pleased to welcome browsers, first-time buyers and anyone who is curious about antique desks. If you have any questions about our desks or how best to look after an antique desk, our team will be more than happy to help.

We also provide a comprehensive range of restoration services, and we can even come to your home or premises to carry out this work. If your antique desk has seen better days or you would like to be restored to its best, please get in touch. We aim to offer the best value antique furniture restoration Surrey can provide.

The Dorking Desk Shop is proud to offer:

  • More than 40 years’ worth of experience
  • A solid reputation in a close-knit antique community
  • The services of a team of skilled and experienced craftspeople
  • A range of restoration services
  • Valuation services
  • Selling your products on a commission basis
  • Free delivery within 25 miles

Whether you are looking to buy or sell an antique table or desk, we believe that we can help you out. Please feel free to pop in for a chat or contact us to see how we can help you. At The Dorking Desk Shop, we are passionate about antique furniture and we hope to help you with your passion and interests.