Victorian Stick Barometer

Victorian Stick barometer by ‘Nivoc’ of London (George & Becker). Mounted on a mahogany backboard.

Aneroid Barometer

Well carved Victorian aneroid barometer with porcelain dial and mercury thermometer. Guaranteed for 1 year.

‘Onion Top’ Barometer

Classic Victorian ‘Onion top’ 5 dial mahogany barometer with ebony and boxwood stringing. By Vanni of Sheffield. With an alcohol thermometer. Guaranteed for one year. Circa 1865.

Walkers Companion Set

Rare, cased, Negretti and Zambra walkers companion set. With pocket barometer, ‘Singers’ patent compass and thermometer. All signed N & Z.

Walkers Companion Set

Wonderful Victorian walkers companion set by Ross of London. With pocket barometer, pedometer and compass. In the original case. In beautiful condition.

Oak Stick Barometer

A fine oak stick barometer by J. Hicks of London Circa 1820. It features particulaly fine carving to the reservoir and the pediment.

Negretti and Zambra Barometer

A most unusual Negretti and Zambra barometer in an oak and ebonised wood, with mercury thermometer. Beautiful clear scales with twin verniers. Guaranteed for 1 year.

Walnut Stick Barometer

Superb walnut cased stick barometer by T.B.Winter of Newcastle on Tyne. Twin verniers on ivory scales. Guaranteed for one year.